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The new album and 50 page book  “The Truth Is” contains songs recorded by Garry & Rob, prior to Garry’s passing, as well as some new material and a couple of old favorites, reimagined and performed by Sarah. The Book and CD format and is more than just another “Katz” album. It double’s not only as a beautiful collection of amazing songs, but also a tribute to Rob’s best mate & Sarah’s Dad, Garry Koehler, in music, word & picture.

Track Listing

  1. A Lot More Country
  2. Words On Paper
  3. The Man In The Picture
  4. Grand Old Lady
  5. Gallery Of Songs
  6. Hey Andy
  7. Red Top Table
  8. Give The Ferret A Run
  9. The Old HR
  10. Forever Proud
  11. All The Way To Brisbane
  12. The Writer
  13. The Truth Is


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